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Questions which normally arise with reference to cleaning of water storage tank.

  • Why do I need Tank Cleaning?

    It’s a scientific fact that, wherever water is stored, bacteria grow. If left untreated, they become Algae/Fungi (Hindi: KAAYEE) which are detrimental to health and contaminate the water. As per WHO, 70% of the total diseases are water-borne. Cholera, Typhoid, Jaundice (Hepatitis A), Skin diseases and hundreds of other diseases are because of consumption of contaminate water which we are not aware of and hence regular and scientific cleaning & disinfection of water storage tanks is necessary.
  • But I have RO at my kitchen and I get pure water and hence my family is protected?

    Agreed. But, we don’t have RO at Bath Room where we take bath and consume little water unknowingly for years together and more than that, our children consume the same from dirty and uncleaned tanks. Just imagine the scene. Hence, regular and scientific cleaning of tanks is required.

  • Then why didn’t this come to my mind before?

    Because, tanks are either in the terrace or underground and hence out of sight and out of mind too. Further, no body like us here has taken the initiative before to make you aware about the importance of scientific cleaning of tanks. More over if you are living in an apartment then you hardly care for all such things and feel that this is the responsibility of the society and you ignore it in spite of the fact that you are equally affected.
  • Advantage of Mechanised Cleaning through TRUCLEAN Process as compared to manual cleaning:

    1)    We clean and disinfect the tanks most scientifically and professionally with trained technicians and equipments unlike manual cleaning.

    2)    Our technicians are well trained, expert, well dressed, and medically insured unlike manual cleaners who do not posses such quality.

    3)    We take very less time compared to manual cleaners.

    4)    We do not use detergent, phenyl, acid etc for cleaning which is very hazardous for cleaning of water tanks.

    5)    We are just a call away; we keep track of your cleaning date and regularly update you on next due as per your requirement.

    6)    Small tanks can’t be cleaned by labours manually as they cannot go inside the tanks whereas, we can clean the same with the help of the equipments.
  • What is TRUCLEAN Process?

    Well, we adopt 6 step cleaning process which includes

    1)    Mechanized Dewatering through dewatering pumps

    2)    Sludge Removal through Sludge Pumps

    3)    High Pressure Cleaning of internal walls and ceiling of the tanks through German Jet Machine

    4)    Vacuum Cleaning of the surface/floor of the tanks

    5)    Anti-Bacterial Spray of (Hydrogen Peroxide Brand GRAMICID)

    6)    Finally UV Radiation inside the tank through UV Lamps to eliminate atmospheric bacteria.
  • Can you clean any kind of tanks?

    Yes, any kind of water storage tanks. We can clean any size, any capacity anywhere, underground or overhead, plastic or concrete.
  • Does the chemical you use is safe?

    Yes, GRAMICID is 100% safe, bio-degradable, FDA, Maharashtra approved. Sodium Hypochlorite is also ISI Marked and is completely safe and is known as anti-bacterial agents for surface disinfection.
  • Is there any safety issue involved in cleaning? Do you adopt Safety Procedures while cleaning?

    We have our own Standard Safety Manual designed by us based on our personal experience and strictly follow the safety norms having all safety equipments required to execute cleaning procedures.
  • What are the charges for cleaning?

    Well, we charge a very nominal amount which varies due to size of tank; however our cleaning (which is mechanized) should not be compared with manual cleaning at all. We will let you know the charges at the time of booking your order.
  • Do you also go for Annual Cleaning Contract of AMC?

    Yes, we do go for AMC of your tank wherein, we keep the track of your cleaning date and schedule and keep you informed well in advance and do the same without any extra charges.